On its thirtieth anniversary, the Federation organizes, with the support of the Mission for Pedagogy and Numeric for Higher Education (MiPNES) of DGESIP (MESRI), an international conference on 13 and 14 December 2017 in Paris. Beyond the anniversary, our objective is to examine the trajectories of the universities in France in order to identify the lines of force that allow clarifying strategies for the future in distance learning.


Online Distance Learning (ODL) has always been one of the often discreet, yet effective, drivers of pedagogical innovation in higher education institutions. This is due to the specificity of the public, to the need to invent new modes of exchange by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technological developments, but also by new modes of organization for content production and management. Today, the "D" of the acronym "EAD" is no longer just the distance, but refers to a plurality of signifiers that fully embody it in the profound changes that today are experiencing in higher education. Today, EAD is more and more a

  • Differentiated which requires rethinking modes of access to higher education and support in a more open and flexible way. Whether in terms of motivation, previous course or specific constraints (students in prison or with disabilities, top sportsmen) students who come to university change and need specific support.
  • Diversified through innovative teaching methods to meet the challenges of disparate public and taking advantage of the changing learning devices and assessment models.
  • Digitized using LMS for the dissemination of course materials, communication tools and tutoring. EAD constitutes a laboratory where new educational uses are experienced. Some, with hybridization of courses or the implementation of flipped pedagogy, enrich the face-to-face teaching and vice versa.
  • Distributed within a network of actors involved in production and design of educationnal resources (pedagogical engineers, audiovisual technicians, etc.), support (tutoring), but also for their valorization and dissemination, in particular Digital thematic Universities (UNT) and the portal ( for the dissemination of educational offer and teaching resources. This logic of networking goes beyond the national level with collaborations in several associations such as ICDE, EADTU or EDEN.

During this colloquium, we will examine these declination of D in ODL. While distance education, as defined in the 1960s, has long been in marge of face to face education, presence and distance today are combined to offer a variety of modalities to enrich the teaching and learning experience. Learning and transforming practices in response to evolving expectations and needs of teachers and learners. Several invited lectures, roundtables will be planned. They allow to have an overview of the evolution of distance learning, its institutional positioning, but also the new modes of collaboration and valorization.

These two days will give an opportunity for increased visibility of public initiatives for promote online distance education and hybrid pedagogies in higher education. In particular, the portal of Ministry of higher education, research and innovation, with its search engine for distance learning (for which FIED is a partner in the harvesting of content) and its on-line catalog of open educational resources of UNT.

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